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An industry leader in comprehensive commercial furniture services, including installation, relocation, warehousing and project management



JEi makes every move seamless and well coordinated for our clients. We’ve moved thousands of pieces for over 14 years and have a reputation for safe, timely and efficient transport.

Maintaining a Large and Flexible Trucking Fleet

• With locations in San Jose, Sacramento and Stockton, CA JEi can serve all of northern California and Reno, NV. Our locations in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA serve all of Oregon and Washington state in the Pacific Northwest. JEi maintains a fleet of various-sized delivery vehicles for short and long hauls.

• Our trucks are maintained to United States Department of Transportation (DOT) codes and meet Clean Air Act standards

• JEi maintains over 30 loading docks on the West Coast, so that furniture can easily move in and out of over 250,000 square feet of warehouse space.

• Trucks are tracked using GPS so clients can always have real time updates from the JEi Operations Coordinator


Experienced Drivers and Full Service Options

• Skilled commercial vehicle drivers, who have passed safety and operational training, knowledgably operate our fleet of numerous trucks and trailers. All our commercial drivers are registered with DOT. Our team follows DOT hours of service protocols and other safety regulations.

• The combined JEi move teams handles all facets of a client’s move: packing, tagging, careful transport, installation, moves, changes, removing all packing materials from site, pulling from or adding to inventory at JEi storage facilitates. Find out more at Commercial Moves.

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