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An industry leader in comprehensive commercial furniture services, including installation, relocation, warehousing and project management



Our goal is to make furniture storage and tracking easy and flexible for every JEi client. Each of JEi’s sites has an ample and experienced warehousing capability.

Offering Safe and Secure Storage

• We have over 250,000 square feet of storage space for clients’ short and long-term use.

• Our warehouses are continually monitored by safety systems, including video surveillance, and fire and security alarms. All pieces within the storage facilities can be bar-coded for inventory control.

• Our own fleet of JEi trucks and trained drivers deliver to and from our storage facilities. Our forklift operators receive special safety training.


Utilizing Technology for Client Control

• Our web-based SnapTracker inventory tool keeps clients apprised of what furniture assets are available for use. Via SnapTracker, clients can see inventory levels, delivery schedules, furniture conditions and reserve products for future projects. The SnapTracker Client Login is at the top of our website.

• Managers at JEi help clients manage and plan for inventory needs.

• For most quick moves and changes, JEi can pull, process and deliver furniture within 24 hours.

Located as an Ideal Distribution Center

• JEi can be utilized by manufacturers to be a West Coast distribution center. We partner with companies to store, track, deliver and install products. Contact us to find out more.

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